Holy Story

Holy Malice started in 2011 with a small range of crop tops, harnesses and thigh garters. 

Linda went to fashion school and took the decision to share all the love for the 90's goth kids, bondage fashion, tumblr pastel goth and the love for tight fitting leather with the world as she lauched Holy Malice back in 2011. The great quote "Sexy bitches lives forever" which you can see on social medias featuring Holy Malice is inspired by Marilyn Monroe - because you know, she will never die in our hearts, right?

It's still runned by Linda only and she loves to create the fashion herself. Linda is also working as a photographer but is still up for great collabs with fellow artists. Please, send an email to contact@holymalice.com for getting in touch.

You can find us at instagram, @ihateholymalice and Facebook: www.facebook.com/HOLYmalice